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EFAO Generation Series - U12 Category

Introducing our EFAO Generation player of the month: Yukio "John" Nakamura.

"John is a two-footed player with exquisite technique. He is tactically organized and has a good reading of the game. He has a great soccer projection for the future," Coach Pablo described John's soccer skills.

John was one of the players who travelled to Spain in July to participate in the international youth tournament of Donosti (Read more here).

Introducing: Yuki "John" Nakamura .

Can you introduce yourself?

John: My name is Nakamura Yukio "John". I am 12 years old.

What is your favorite team?

John: Manchester United.

How long have you been playing for EFAO?

John: about a year ago.

What is something you like about EFAO?

John: I like EFAO training menu. For example, there are many fun drill options.

You are going to Donosti, right? What are your expectations?

Elias: Looking forward to meeting my Spanish teammates.

U12 EFAO Spain Delegation - John had his first experience abroad playing for the U12 team that had a wonderful performance at the Donosti Cup.

Listen to John's interview here ⬆️ - in Japanese only

Congratulations on your great performance at the Donosti Cup!

- The EFAO Team

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