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EFAO Programs

The EFAO training program focuses on children's progression, including coordination - technique - tactical and physical level. We are open all year round, so we do not interrupt players' technical, tactical, and cognitive development. 

International Competitions 

We have affiliations around the world.
EFAO mainly travels to Spain once or twice a year for the children to compete, train, and interact with a diverse group of players from different backgrounds from all over the world. 

International Residential Studies

Barcelona-Zaragoza- Madrid

EFAO provides international residence assistance in Spain with schools for children interested in improving their football skills, learning a new language, or playing football in Europe.

More details are coming soon!

Coach Training

EFAO staff provides coaching clinics for local coaches and football lovers interested in learning about European football training methodology. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to be the first one to know about these football clinics.

EFAO offers football camps and clinics during the year.  These camps guide players with different skills through the technical, tactical, and cognitive development of the game. 

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