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EFAO Generation Series - U12 Category

Introducing our EFAO Generation player of the month: Oscar Jaramillo.

Last March, Oscar was selected by the Okinawa prefecture football organization to be part of the U12 Okinawa selection team. This is a great recognition of his talent and hard work.

Note: he is only 10 years old.

Introducing: Oscar Jaramillo.


"Oscarito" has shown enormous growth at a technical, tactical, and cognitive level, with great courage and leadership on and off the field.

He is always trying to improve his technical skills during and after practices. You might see him kicking the ball around and creating his own drills even during friendly matches.

U12 EFAO Team - International Challenge Cup 2022. Oscar showed great performance that helped his team to reach the finals of the tournament.

After Oscar was selected to represent the U12 Okinawa football team, we asked him a few questions:

Can you introduce yourself?

Oscar: My name is Oscar Jaramillo.

Where would you like to play football in the future?

Oscar: Anywhere in Europe. England. Spain.

If you can choose one team. What team would you like to play?

Oscar: Haven't decided yet. 😊

What is something you have learned as an EFAO player?

Oscar: To keep the ball on the ground, the leadership, and technical stuff.

What is something you will remember about Pablo Coach in the future?

Oscar: His coaching style.

Listen to Oscar's interview here ⬆️

Congratulations Oscar! We look forward to seeing you growing and improving all your football skills.

Best of luck for the U12 Okinawa Team games!

- The EFAO Team

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