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EFAO Generation Series - U12 Category

Introducing our EFAO Generation player of the month: Elias Cedeño.

"Elias's leadership, ambition, and commitment have helped him to become a more mature player with a great attitude on the pitch," Coach Pablo described Elias for this section of the EFAO blog.

Elias is currently playing in the U12 Okinawa League where he is showing his leadership and all his soccer skills.

Introducing: Elias Cedeño.

Can you introduce yourself?

Elias: My name is Elias Cedeño. I am 11 years old and my favorite thing to do is probably to play soccer.

How long have you been playing for EFAO?

Elias: I've been playing for EFAO for 3 years.

What is something you like about EFAO?

Elias: I like that Coach Pablo knows scouts so he can help me to go professional. And he is from Spain so that is a different level than Japanese (soccer).

What is something you look forward to doing at the Donosti tournament?

Elias: Once I get there, I'll lead my team because the Spanish teams are better than the Japanese teams so I'll tell them to not get overconfident because that's going to make us lose.

What is something you will remember about Coach Pablo in the future?

Elias: He taught me "Control Orientado," which is how you orient your body to change the touch of the ball quicker. And to take two touches, one touch. That changes the game.

U12 EFAO/FC Fun Team - Elias is one of the starter members in the U12 Okinawa League where he is showing great leadership and performance.

Listen to Elias's interview here ⬆️

We look forward to seeing you growing and improving all your football skills.

Good luck for the Donosti Cup!

- The EFAO Team

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