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About EFAO

In 2019, Pablo Stkacz, EFAO Founder and Sports Director decided to start a new football academy in Okinawa to share all his experience as a former professional football player and guide young players to be the best they can be within any challenging setting by focusing on positive values and attitudes in and out of the football pitch.

- The EFAO Team

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Pablo Stkacz Gonzalez

EFAO's sports director and certified UEFA Pro Coach Pablo Stkacz Gonzalez is originally from Uruguay. A former professional player who played in two South American powerhouses with a long coaching experience in Spain and South America. 

Professional Football Career

  • Club Atletico Peñarol (Uruguay) 1989 - 1993  

  • Club Atletico Independiente de Avellaneda (Argentina) 1994 - 1995 


Coaching Career

  • Assistant coach - U15 Maldonado (Uruguay) - 1995

Achievement: Championship 

  • First Coach - U5 Club Atlético Ituzaingó (Uruguay)- 1998

Achievement: Championship 

  • First Coach - U12 U15 U18 various Spanish teams (Spain) - 1999-2011

Achievement: obtained several titles within U12 U15 U18 divisions

  • First Coach - U12 at Tenerife (Spain) 2011-2013

Achievement: Canary Islands Championship

  • Sports Director & First Coach -  U21 Corporación Formantioquia - subsidiary of Atlético Nacional de Medellín - (Colombia) - 2016

Achievement: National Championship 

  • Head Coach - U3-U15 Real Madrid Japan (Japan) - 2017

Achievement: promoted the Real Madrid Foundation in Okinawa.

  • Sports Director & Head Coach - U3-U15 EFAO - (Japan) - 2017 - currently

Achievement: introduced European football training methodology in Okinawa.

Coaching License:

  • UEFA PRO license granted by the Royal Academy of Tenerife (Spain) 2016. Highest coaching license recognized worldwide.

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