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Soccer Field

Regular Training

EFAO small group training sessions focus on individual skills, strengthening, and conditioning.  Each session lasts between 90-120 minutes. There is a minimum of 4 - 8 - 12 to 16 sessions per month of training, depending on the age category. Language used: English, Spanish, and Japanese 

Under 5 - Pimpollos

Based on the Coerver coaching methodology, our young "pimpollos" (buds in Spanish) build their football foundation by focusing on:

  • Skills (Basic Ball Mastery)

  • Speed (Mental reaction)

  • Shooting (Kicking technique)

  • Small-sided games (2v2/3v3)

Main objectives:

  • Build self-confidence

  • Develop a love for the game

  • Build football foundation skills

  • Build social skills of communication 

Under 8 - Benjamin

Our "Benjamines", the age category for 8-9 years old as known in Spain, continue building their football foundation by focusing on:

  • Skills (Basic Ball Mastery II)

  • Speed (Mental reaction II)

  • Shooting (Kicking technique II)

  • Small-sided games (1v1/3v3)

Main objectives:

  • Embrace cooperation skills

  • Improve listening skills

  • Improve concentration

  • Improve speedy reactions

Under 10 - Alevin

Our "Alevines", 10-11 years old category, start focusing on technique and coordination:

  • Skills (Progressive Ball Mastery)

  • Speed (Decision-making)

  • Shooting (Accuracy)

  • Small-sided games (2v1/3v1)

Main objectives:

  • Improve core social skills of communication and cooperation.

  • Understand values such as respect, responsibility, and teamwork.

Under 12 - Infantil

Our "Infantiles", 12-13 years old category, continue improving their technique, coordination, and teamwork:

  • Skills (Advanced Ball Mastery I)

  • Speed (Reaction & decision I)

  • Shooting (Accuracy & power I)

  • Small-sided games (Rondos)

Main objectives:

  • Demonstrate ball mastery, communication, and cooperation. 

  • Practice values such as respect, responsibility, and teamwork.

What Our Players Say

Outdoor Football Training
Soccer player

Ken Kakoi, Under 13

EFAO is a very unique team. I like the way EFAO plays and how coaches teach us. EFAO has drills that I have never seen before. Teammates are very supportive. EFAO is my favorite team.

Under 15 - Cadete

Our "cadetes", 14-15 years old category,  start mastering their technique, coordination, and teamwork:

  • Skills (Advanced Ball Mastery)

  • Speed (Reaction & decision II)

  • Shooting (Accuracy & power II)

  • Small-sided games (Rondos)

Main objectives:

  • Understand offensive and defensive tactical movements. 

  • Become role models in and out the pitch. 

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