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International Challenge Cup 2022 - Okinawa

Congratulations to all the EFAO categories that showed great team and individual performances!


EFAO managed to reach the three finals of the tournament with categories U/8 - U/10 - U/12 beating the influential Academies of FC Barcelona Tokyo and Barcelona Fukuoka in the semifinals.

The level was excellent in some teams, especially the Japanese Barcelona Academies, with excellent positional work and intense 1v1.


EFAO players also were recognized for their excellent performance by the International Challenge Cup organizers. Congratulations to the Tournament MVPs:

  • U/8 - Daisho Ashitomi (EFAO)

  • U/10 - Hailey Shaw (EFAO)

  • U/12 - Nikoto Ortiz (EFAO)

There are no words to describe the fantastic ATTITUDE of all our children. They gave 100% on every ball, every second. Showing courage, passion, and commitment to this demanding competition with some of the best teams in Japan.

Overall, the International Challenge Cup was an amazing opportunity for EFAO teams to compete at a high level of competition, playing as equals with the best teams in Okinawa and the rest of Japan.

Once again, we thank all the parents and other relatives for the incredible support and trust in our working methodology.

EFAO family, let's continue growing this beautiful soccer project for all our children.

- The EFAO Team

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