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🌟 Calling all mini soccer enthusiasts! 🌟

Updated: Apr 13

The European Football Academy Okinawa (EFAO) is excited to kick off the month of April with special promo for young soccer enthusiasts. Free Soccer Sessions!

👦👧 Open to all kids under 5, it's the perfect opportunity to introduce your little ones to the joy of soccer in a fun and supportive environment!

Bring your friends and let's kick off some soccer fun together!

Don't miss out - reserve your spot today!


What to Expect

  • Skill Development Playground: Our coaches turn skill development into a playful adventure! From passing to dribbling and shooting, we're here to make every move a step towards soccer mastery.

  • Fit and Fabulous: Watch your little one boost their agility, endurance, and strength through exercises specially designed to be both effective and enjoyable.

  • Friends and Cheers: EFAO is not just about soccer; it's about building friendships and having fun. Our sessions foster a friendly and dynamic environment where laughter and cheers are as essential as the game itself.

  • Where: Kadena Park* *Note: in case of rain, we'll move to Kadena Dome, which is located next to the park.

  • Time: Sundays - U5: from 3:00pm to 4:00pm

How to Register

Participating in our free January sessions is easy! Complete the following steps to receive more details:

Step 2

  • Select  Free Session and Submit.

Step 3

  • An EFAO staff will share via email more information about this free session.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to set the tone for a year of soccer success.

- The EFAO Team

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