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EFAO Generation Update - Calvin Paguada

It has already been two months since former EFAO U15 player Calvin Paguada moved to Zaragoza, Spain, to continue with his dreams of playing professionally in Spain.

Calvin (on the far right in the middle row) with his new teammates after a winning in the Spanish League.

After his successful trip to Spain, Calvin got a soccer scholarship to continue his high school studies, learn Spanish, and play soccer with the C.D. Actur Pablo Iglesias club - Honor division team from the city of Zaragoza for the 2022-2023 season.

His excellent adaptation to Spanish coaches, teammates, and a new routine has not affected his performance in the field. Instead, he plays with an older category and keeps making a difference in the game.

Here is a short video of Calvin's soccer practice and game in Zaragoza.

Calvin has been a role model for many of our EFAO players, and indeed he is one of the highlights of the EFAO Generation.

We'll continue observing and supporting his soccer career.

Vamos Calvin!

- The EFAO Team

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