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EFAO Generation Series - U8 Category

From April, EFAO is launching a new monthly section in our blog: EFAO Generation Series. This section, EFAO staff will interview current EFAO players from different categories who have shown remarkable progress, and astounding performance on the soccer field.

Our first guest: Daisho Ashitomi.

Daisho's talent, passion, and hard work got the attention of the FC Barcelona Fukuoka Academy, which selected him to represent Japan and participate in the BARZA ACADEMY WORLD CUP from April 11 to April 14, 2022.

A week after his selection, Daisho played with the EFAO U8 team against the Barcelona Academy from Fukuoka and Tokyo in the International Cup Challenge.

Daisho showed his enormous skill potential and great intelligence to play the game that helped his team reach the tournament's final game. Although the EFAO U8 team lost against one of the Barcelona Academies, Daisho was awarded as the U8 MVP of the tournament.

Before flying to Spain to participate at the BARZA ACADEMY WORLD CUP , Daisho answered a few questions about his dreams and his future:

What is your Dream?

Daisho: Go to Barcelona, Spain and play well.

What have you learned at EFAO?

Daisho: Passing, shooting, dribbling cones, warming-up.

What is something you will remember about Pablo Coach?

Daisho: I don’t remember. 😊

When you grow up, where would you like to play?

Daisho: Barcelona.

Listen Daisho's interview here ⬆️

Good luck Daisho in Spain! We are sure you will have fun and will learn a lot from this great adventure.

We are proud to have Daisho with us at EFAO. A great role model for all EFAO players.

いってらっしゃい - Take care!

- The EFAO Team

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