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Barca Academy & International Challenge Cup 2022

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

We're excited to inform you that once again, EFAO has been invited by the Barca Academy in Japan to participate in the International Challenge Cup on April 2nd & 3rd at the Athletic Chatan Park.

Same as last year, Categories U8-U10-U12 will participate in this tournament. The Barcelona Academy from Fukuoka, Tokyo, and a combination team Barca Academy, will compete with other teams in the International Challenge Cup.

This is an invitation in which we want to have all the best EFAO children in those categories taking part of this event.

Some important information to know:

  1. Let us know if you can join this tournament.

  2. Participation fee: ¥ 2000

  3. When: April 2nd & 3rd (Saturday and Sunday)

We look forward to taking part of this event!

Thank you for your continuous support and cooperation.

- The EFAO Team

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