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U15 EFAO Delegation Arrives in Spain for Donosti Cup!

Excitement fills the air as the U15 delegation representing Okinawa has safely arrived in Spain for the prestigious Donosti Cup! Departing from Okinawa on July 2nd, this talented group of young athletes embarked on an unforgettable journey to compete on an international stage.

Upon arrival in Spain, the second group of the delegation joined in Madrid.

The Donosti Cup Experience:

As the Donosti Cup kicks off on Tuesday (July 4th), the U15 delegation is eager to showcase their talent and compete against teams from around the world. The tournament promises to be an incredible opportunity for growth, as they face off against strong opponents and experience different styles of play. It's a chance for these young athletes to challenge themselves, build lasting memories, and forge lifelong friendships with fellow players from diverse backgrounds.

Here is the schedule of the first round games:

We wish the U15 delegation the best of luck in their endeavors and hope they bring back memories, friendships, and valuable experiences that will shape their journeys as athletes and individuals.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress and achievements in the Donosti Cup!

Vamos EFAO!

- The EFAO Team

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