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Triumphs and Team Spirit: EFAO's Weekend Success

What a great way to start the year for EFAO! During the exciting weekend of January 20 and 21, 2024, the International Challenge Cup at the Chatan Athletic Field unfolded as a remarkable chapter for the European Football Academy Okinawa (EFAO).

 U/8, U/10, and U/12 categories shone at the International Challenge Cup 2024

Across the U/8, U/10, and U/12 categories, EFAO demonstrated significant improvement, with each category shining brightly against competitors like Voltida FC, FC Boa Sorte, and the formidable professional team FC Ryukyu.

With the supportive guidance of parents and coaches, our young athletes exhibited exceptional progress not only in their soccer skills but also in their mindset and leadership qualities, demonstrating their dedication to personal growth and team success. Achieving first place in the U/8 category, securing fourth place in U/10, and obtaining second place in U/12, facing the powerhouse FC Ryukyu, highlighted the remarkable growth and development within each EFAO category.

Note: U/8 player, Dash T. got awarded the MVP for his category in the tournament, which is another highlight of the individual progress of our players, congratulations Dash!

 U/8 Category - Champions

 U/12 Category - 2nd position & U/8 MVP Award to Dash T.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the parents, siblings, and players of the U/15 category, whose amazing support infused positive energy into every moment, contributing to the overall success.

Belonging to the exceptional training project that is EFAO fills us with pride, and this achievement stands as a testament to the collaborative effort and dedication of parents, staff, and players.

As we reflect on this accomplishment, it is evident that the continued support and teamwork have yielded positive results in the performance, leadership, skills, and mentality of our talented young athletes.

Vamos EFAO!

- The EFAO Team

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