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Elite Football Training: Coach Pablo's Impact on Grow FC

In a significant development for the European Football Academy Okinawa (EFAO), Sport Director, Coach Pablo, was selected to lead an exclusive clinic for the Grow FC team from Fukuoka that took place on October 21-22.

Under Coach Pablo's expert guidance and support of Coach Shann, the clinic exceeded all expectations, showcasing European tactical and technical skills. The coaches and players from Grow FC were not only excited but also pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of the training. With a focus on countering high-pressure situations during ball exits, Coach Pablo's session left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

EFAO expresses sincere gratitude to FC Grow for entrusting them with this opportunity, highlighting Coach Pablo's dedication and the academy's commitment to excellence. EFAO U14 players, Ken and John, enthusiastically embraced the chance to support Coach Pablo's clinic and learn together with FC Grow players.

Vamos EFAO!

- The EFAO Team

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