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From dynamic internal matchups to local games across all categories, EFAO teams keep showcasing great improvement. Here's a recap of the month of October-November:

Excellent performance by all EFAO categories at Kadena Park.

On October 7, all EFAO categories, including U/14, U/12, U/10, U/9, and U/7 showcased outstanding performances, making it a day filled with sportsmanship and skillful play.


EFAO U12/ and U/10 categories playing against Zelva Academy.

On October 14, EFAO competed against Zelva Academy in the U/12 and U/10 categories at Kadena Park, resulting in a brilliant day of football. Despite the heat, our children showcased enthusiasm, delivering moments of excellent technical quality and tactical order, highlighting the noticeable positive evolution of the EFAO team.


OE9 Cup Tournament for the U/14 Category:

On October 21-22, the U14 Category participated in the OE9 Cup Tournament at Kin Athletic field, securing an impressive third position. The tournament showcased exceptional soccer talent, with formidable rivals demonstrating significant physical prowess and high individual technical skills.

Congratulations to Chris Cabrera for earning the MVP title on the first day, truly embodying the passion and feeling represented by our logo.


 More action for U/10 and U/12 categories vs Wakasa FC:

On October 28, Kadena Park witnessed a splendid morning of friendly games between EFAO and Wakasa FC in the U/10 and U/12 categories. The atmosphere was charged with sportsmanship and camaraderie as both teams showcased their skills on the field.


 More action for U/14, U/12 and U/10 categories vs  Juventus FC:

On November 4, Uruma experienced a fantastic morning/afternoon of soccer featuring EFAO against Juventus FC across U/14, U/12, and U/10 categories. The exceptional behavior of our children, both on and off the field, reflects our continuous improvement and growing organizational strength.


 PivoCup at Comprehensive Park for the U/9 Category:

On November 18, at Comprehensive Park, the PivoCup unfolded as a beautiful tournament for our U/9 category. Despite significant losses and the inclusion of younger players, our team showcased courage and intensity, playing six games with a commendable record of three wins, two losses, and one draw.

EFAO demonstrated a remarkable progression, culminating in the last games where our children presented their best performance. The journey of EFAO continues, and we are excited for the future that lies ahead.

Let's keep pushing boundaries, nurturing talent, and promoting the values of sportsmanship and fair play. With your continued support, we are confident that the best is yet to come.

Vamos EFAO!

- The EFAO Team

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