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EFAO May Highlights✨

MAY was a month filled with excitement, growth, and a few goodbyes at EFAO. Here's a quick recap:

U/8 CATEGORY: May 27 : A day to remember as our U/8 category children took to the field in an exclusive EFAO tournament. Their dedication and competitive spirit were on full display, making us all proud.

U/14 CATEGORY: Also on Saturday, May 27, U/14 players secured all 6 points in the beautiful town of Kin. A big congratulations to our young athletes for winning both games on this day.

U/11 - U/10 - U/9 CATEGORIES: May 20. A fantastic day on the island with our U/9, U/10, and U/11 categories. The children's enthusiasm and energy were infectious, making it a memorable day for all.

However, it was a bittersweet month as some of our children prepared to return to the states. These children, who have shown remarkable progression in technical, tactical, physical, and cognitive skills during their time with us, will be greatly missed.

On a brighter note, we welcomed new children to EFAO. Their first games were filled with nerves and anticipation, but their eagerness to learn was evident.

Our technical staff is committed to supporting these new members as they discover and enhance their individual and collective abilities.

U/12 - U/10 - U/9 - U/7 CATEGORIES: May 7.Finally, we had an intensive day at the Comprehensive Park, with our U/15 category playing in a two days tournament and categories U/5, U/7, U/9, U/10, and U/12 participating in regular sessions. Despite heavy rain and wind, the children of EFAO showed great courage and resilience, braving the discomfort of the weather.

May was indeed a month of highs and lows, but through it all, the spirit of EFAO shone brightly. Here's to more learning, growth, and success in the coming months!

- The EFAO Team

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