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EFAO Collaboration with FC Tricolor Excitement!

This weekend, attention turns to seven U14 EFAO players uniting with the FC Tricolor team from Saitama.

Chris, Aaron, Elias, Jonathan, Ken, Hyuga, and Yuto will play for the FC Tricolor in Saitama.

On November 11, Sergio Ariel Escudero, a cherished friend of EFAO and former Argentine-Japanese international player, visited us as part of an exciting project that will our players to keep developing their soccer and life skills. Mr. Escudero engaged with EFAO U/14 players, shedding light on the collaboration and he also explained this thrilling experience to EFAO families, detailing the selection of 7 U14 players to join the Tricolor FC team.

Mr. Escudero with U14 EFAO families.

Mr. Escudero with U14 EFAO players.

On December 2, EFAO players will participate in an official league match, and will play two friendly games on December 3. This exciting collaboration signifies the strong partnership between EFAO and FC Tricolor, showcasing the talent and camaraderie that defines our soccer community.

Best of luck to our U14 players in this memorable matchup!

Vamos EFAO y Vamos FC Tricolor!

-The EFAO Team

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