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EFAO Coaching Clinic

This training clinic is open to coaches of all levels, parents, and players ages 14 and up. Coach Pablo and his assistant and former player Mariano will present the European training methodology with on-field demonstrations full of practical advices and exercises.

Some important information to know:

  1. Maximum Participants: 12

  2. Participation fee: US$120

  3. Where: Camp Lester field

  4. When: February 26 (Saturday)

  5. Duration: 3 hours (2 hours in the room, 1 hour in the field)

Coaching Clinic content:

  • Division of the field

  • Field areas

  • Game moments (tools to use at each moment)

  • Training methods

  • Aspects to take into account with the integrated exercises.

  • Progressive pyramid of training phases.

  • Theoretical and practical exercises in the field with EFAO children

  • Select Coaching Clinic

Payments through:

We are waiting for you!!!

- The EFAO Team

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